Cards like Azurite Prixis and Feln Cauldron fail because they

Meanwhile, buildaround relics like shitty ass Mind Stink, Clown of Possibilities or Mask of Torment encourage nonstandard underdog deck archetypes that experimental players love to toy around with, even if many of them downright suck or are the definition of unreliable. A lot of cards are also somewhere inbetween, Talir Unbound for example encourages building around silly amounts of power ramp while still having an ultimate that essentially boils down to time stopping your enemy and running into them with a 14 damage Overwhelm unit, Molten Fist encourages armor spam and turtling but the endgame essentially boils down to becoming One Punch Man and slapping the enemy once so hard they fucking explode, etc.The problem though that no matter what kind of card a legendary is, be jordan retro 12 cheap it just an overall quality card, an absurdly sized wincon or just cheap authentic jordans online a silly jank deck enabler, it always cheap jordans nike has to be good enough to do work at least once in a while to not be frustrating, and the payoff needs to be at least unique and cool, if it isn universally efficient.Cards like Azurite Prixis and Feln Cauldron fail because they don really do anything. They interesting conceptually, but they so restrictive and do so little for what you put into them that they just never worth playing, even in decks that may play into their strengths.

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