The first link between the murders of Dabholkar and Lankesh

Highways England tweeted: “M5 has been closed by CMPG in both directions between J4 and J3 due to an incident involving a pedestrian.”West Mercia Police said they expect the road to be closed into the morning.West Mercia Police said the deceased person was on the carriageway “for reasons yet to be established”.The motorway has been closed in both directions between J3 and J4 at Frankley Services and will remain shut into the morning, officers said.The force added: “For reasons yet to be established a pedestrian was on the carriageway. The pedestrian was struck by a vehicle causing the pedestrian to suffer fatal injuries.”Diversions are in place, motorists are advised to use an alternative route.”Both north and southbound are affected, traffic on the motorway is being directed through the services. Delays are expected.

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