The boys, between ages 11 and 16, were found huddled together

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canada goose uk outlet They’re also being fed sacks of power gel to boost their energy.The group remains stuck around two kilometers (1.24 miles) into canada goose factory outlet winnipeg the cave and somewhere between 800 meters and one kilometer (0.6 miles) below Canada Goose sale the surface, according to a British Cave Rescue Council briefing note.The other immediate issue is the risk of water continuing to rise. The boys, between ages 11 and 16, were found huddled together on a small, dry, mud covered incline, surrounded by water in a cramped, pitch black chamber.Thailand is in the midst of its monsoon season and while Monday was relatively dry, the rains returned on Tuesday. Huge pumps have been running to drain the cave complex, but any downpour could potentially set back bids to free the team.Why can’t the boys come out the same way the rescuers went in?Experienced divers negotiated tight, flooded channels to reach the team over nine days. canada goose uk outlet

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