He prefers funds that have a lower turnover ratio (where the

Wholesale Replica Bags With so many mutual fund houses and insurance companies hawking their products, making the right choice can be difficult.In this article, we focus on some of the key criteria you should employ when selecting these products.Tax deduction on ELSS is available under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.The fundamental advantage ELSS offers is replica handbags china that since it is an equity oriented product, it has the potential to deliver higher returns over longer time periods than fixed income instruments that also offer tax benefit.It also has a shorter lock in of three years compared to other products.If you leave the money invested even after the lock in gets over, ELSS can prove a good vehicle for long term wealth creation.The 10 year average compounded annual return of this category is 17.63%.But with 42 ELSS funds available, making the right choice can be difficult.One way to narrow the field is to select from funds that have at least a 7 to 10 year track record.”Look at calendar year returns over the long term,” says P V K Mohan, head equity, Principal Mutual Fund.”Go for a fund that has consistently beaten its benchmark over the past seven years, or done so a higher number of times,” Mohan adds.Rolling returns (which most financial advisors go by) are another good way to select quality funds (please see table below: Top funds by rolling returns). He prefers funds that have a lower turnover ratio (where the fund manager churns the portfolios less).ELSS funds could be large or multi cap oriented. You already have a high percentage of large cap funds in your portfolio, go for an ELSS fund that is multi cap oriented, or vice versa,” adds Mohan.You get get tax deduction under Section 80D on the premium paid on health insurance for yourself, your spouse, dependent children and parents.The deduction is limited to Rs 25,000 a year on the premium paid for self and family.If you are a senior citizen (more than 60 years of age), you can claim a deduction of up to Rs 50,000.”A person can also claim the deduction of Rs 25,000 if s/he pays the premium for her/his parents whose age is not more than 60 years,” says Archit Gupta, founder CEO, ClearTax.”If her/his parents are senior citizens then s/he can claim Rs 50,000 under Section 80D. Wholesale Replica Bags

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